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It is our policy to make publicly available for download as much of the raw data we use to build the PeptideAtlas as possible. This includes datasets that have been previously published or otherwise released by the data producers. If you download and use these data in a published work, please cite the associated article (or data contributors if unpublished); an acknowledgement of the PeptideAtlas repository would also be appreciated. There are also many unpublished raw datasets used to build the PeptideAtlas, and these are not made available for download until publication or release by the producers.

If you need help, please write to us with our feedback page on the navigation bar.
If you would like to browse the old repository page, click here

These individual BDBag packages contains the following information:
metadata This small package contains dataset descriptions, search engine parameters, and other metadata about the dataset.
protein This package contains the final ProteinProphet protXML file and sequence database used, which permits browsing of the protein results with the TPP ProtXML Viewer and other similar applications.
search This package contains the complete search engine results and TPP processing results including pepXML and protXML files
mzML This package contains the PSI mzML files converted from the original vendor raw files
raw This package contains (when available) the original vendor raw files. If the raw files are available at PRIDE or another repository, this package may simply be the FTP links to the raw files at the other repository, rather than the actual files
BDBags All BDBags include a complete manifest and checksum information to verify data integrity. An abridged BDBag contains only the manifest with checksums but not the data files. Use of BDBag software on an abridged BDBag can automatically reconstitute the package from the repository by downloading all the files verifying the checksums.