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FAQ: "How should I cite PeptideAtlas?"

We thank you for citing PeptideAtlas in any publication that makes use of PeptideAtlas. You can find appropriate citations on our Publications page.

FAQ: "How do I search for a peptide sequence?"

On the left navigation bar, enter the sequence in the space under "Search Database" and press Enter. A table will be displayed with one row for each PeptideAtlas build in which your peptide appears. If it does not appear in any build, a message to that effect will appear.

FAQ: "How can I view the spectra of a peptide sequence?"

Perform the procedure above. In the resulting table, click any peptide identifier. You will be taken to a page with links to all spectra identified to that peptide in that PeptideAtlas build.

FAQ: "Where can I download spectra or search results?"

The spectra and search results are available in the repository

FAQ: "What is public about your data?"

The following sample record fields are made available if you you have specified minimum public access (private).

    1: Institution, Contact, Date

    7: Organism NCBI_TaxID (9606 for human)

    11: Cell-type

The spectra are not made available for the minimum public access (private) datasets.

The following sample record fields are made available if you you have specified full public access.

    1: Institution, Contact, Date

    2: URL link to www resource

    3: Literature PubMed ID

    4: Experiment description

    5: Treatment Description

    6: Instrument type (LCQ, etc.)

    7: Organism NCBI_TaxID (9606 for human)

    8: Bio source description (eVOC) anatomical site

    9: Developmental stage (eVOC)

    10: Pathology (eVOC)

    11: Cell-type

    12: Date that we may make the raw data available to the public

The spectra and data products are made available for the public access datasets. They are available at

If you have other questions, please send email.

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