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Submissions to PeptideAtlas

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the PeptideAtlas database. Please submit your MS/MS, SRM, or SWATH-MS dataset with all of the mass spectrometer output files, either in their native format (e.g., .raw, .wiff, .d, etc.) or in mzML format.

When you submit, you will receive a PASSnnnnnn accession number that you can publish in your manuscript. As part of the submission, you specify a date on which the data are made public. This date may be updated to reflect the progress of your manuscript review. Until the public release date is reached, the data may only be accessed using the dataset password you are given upon submission. After the release date passes, the dataset may be accessed freely without a password.

SRM data must be accompanied by a transition list in mProphet format, as illustrated in this template.

The spectra will then be processed by the PeptideAtlas curators to ensure consistency throughout PeptideAtlas.

Please submit your data via the new submission mechanism:

PeptideAtlas is a part of the ProteomeXchange Consortium. Official ProteomeXchange submission datasets should be submitted directly to PRIDE. Other data may also be submitted to Tranche.

If you have trouble or questions submitting your data, please contact us via our feedback form.

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