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Resources available for Download

  • mzXML_format - gzipped tar archive of experiment's spectra in mzXML format.
  • [RAW,dat,raw]_format - gzipped tar archive of experiment's spectra in instrument vendor format.
  • Search_Results - SEQUEST search results in gzipped tar archives, summary html files from SEQUEST search results, PeptideProphet and ProteinProphet output in pepXML and protXML, and the sequest.params file.
  • ProteinProphet - ProteinProphet output in protXML formats.
  • sequest_params - parameter file used in the SEQUEST search.
  • qualscore_results - list of high quality unidentified (unassigned) spectra! Please see Nesvizhskii et al. (2006) for details.
  • README - text file holding sample information and file listings
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