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Submission of MRM/SRM transitions to the Peptide Atlas database

Thank you for your interest in contributing MRM Transitions to the MRM Atlas and Peptide Atlas. We accept user-validated transitions acquired on triple quadrupole instruments for any of the organisms for which there are public peptide atlas' available, currently: Mouse, Human, Yeast, Halobacterium, Drosophila, and Streptococcus pyogenes. A basic description of MRM assays can be found here . A glossary of MRM-related terms can be found here .

Sets of transitions can be uploaded at this page . You must first download a template file in excel or tsv format. The table below provides a description of each of the fields in the submission form.

modified_peptide_sequenceSequence of the peptide including any modifications in standard notation, e.g. THC[160]AAHR
peptide_chargeCharge on the precursor ion
q1_mzparent mass to charge ratio: q1
q3_mzproduct ion mass to charge ratio: q3
q3_ion_labelLabel for the product ion (e.g. y1-7, b2-6, etc.)
transition_suitability_level_idUser-specified quality metric. Permissible values are Best, OK, and No, all others will be stored as 'OK'
publication_idArticle title of publication related to this entry, if any
annotator_nameName of person uploading transitions
collision_energyCollision energy setting used during validation run, or best CE setting if multiple runs were performed
retention_timeRetention time (in minutes) of parent peptide
instrumentInstrument used for analysis of transition pair
commentAny additional comments or information you wish to provide
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